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Hunting While Horny

One way that is guaranteed to turn me off of a guy on social media is seeing him posting pictures alongside dead animals. Hunters don’t do it for me in any way. I am not encouraged to go on a date with a guy who smiles happily next to a kill. Internet hookups are scary enough without the added concerns about the guy you are meeting being a fan of hurting innocent animals and knowing he has a gun collection. I’ll pass!

Czech Hunter has the kind of hunting I am willing to make an exception for though. These guys go out and hunt down men who are willing to give up ass in exchange for money. Sure they might get a little degraded in the process, but they are still consenting, getting paid, and most importantly, not being killed and used as a creepy photo prop.

Snag this Czech Hunter discount for 73% off and watch as the prey is found, propositioned, and used for sexual gratification. These are no frills public pickup videos where the fucking is the main attraction.