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Sex So Hot It’s Iconic

Have you ever run across a gay porn site that was so good you just knew it was going to stick out in your mind forever? That’s how I felt when I came across Icon Male (pun mostly unintended). 

This site was once a stand-alone site but is now run by the porn masterminds behind, and therefore the site has recently gotten a bit of a facelift. It does come with Male Noir as well, for those who dream of chocolate lovers. But, Icon Male really doesn’t focus on one type of guy. From the huge rippling muscles of handsome hunks to scruffy manly men with dad bods and even some who fall more on the twink end of the spectrum, they keep the variety alive.

One way they do remain consistent is quality. With crystal clear videos and high-quality image stills, there is never any lacking when it comes to pristine content. And you can get all today by joining with us and even use this up to 73% off discount to Icon Male now!


A gay cam a day will make you feel what reality is!

Breaking up with my boyfriend was one of the hardest things that I have ever had to do. We’d been together for a few years and while almost everything about him was perfect, there was indeed one flaw that I just couldn’t get past. It all started when I began to enjoy a little no-frills fun with a gay cam stud that I happened to find online.

My boyfriend caught us both masturbating together one night, well, in fact, multiple times now as it stands and he has given me an ultimatum that isn’t going to work out so well for him. He basically told me to stop watching free gay cams online, like is he for real? I never figured him for the jealous type but this is really something else.

The look on his face when I told him to get the fuck out of my house was priceless and all because he wouldn’t stand me jerking off to total strangers online. It wasn’t as if I was ever going to get a chance to fuck these men in person, but he obviously couldn’t see past that. I guess it is his loss now because I am having more fun than ever before, I hope he learns a lesson from this and we all know what that lesson is!

We Deliver The Male

How would you like to score access to the best gay porn sites online? Maybe you think you can’t afford it. Maybe you think all porn is the same so what’s the difference? Well, if you’re having those thoughts then you’re both wrong and stupid. But don’t worry. I’ll smart you up real quick. You see, right now you can get sites like MEN, Sean Cody, Bromo, Czech Hunter, Reality Dudes and Why Not Bi all for one low rate. And these aren’t cookie-cutter porn sites either. These are the grade-A, premium, top-shelf porn sites that will have you stroking and cumming harder than ever before. Trust me.

You heard me right. Click here for this 88% off discount to Male Access has all the cuties, hunks, jocks, twinks, European guys, pros, amateurs, hairy, bald, and just overall sexy men that you’re craving. There are so many niches, kinks, and categories that cater to whatever gets you off hardest. Plus, it’s cheap right now so click on our link and snatch up this deal!

I Guess They Weren’t Really THAT Straight

I have a thing for porn with straight dudes going gay. I don’t know what it is about it, but it makes it ten thousand times hotter for me if it’s believable. And when you have a bit of a sloppy hunk. You know the type. College frat boy jock. Bonus points for shitty tribal tattoos. They just scream heterosexual.

Now, when a camera gets involved and you can get those boys to do dirty things to one another, you have my attention. I especially love it when there happens to be straight porn playing in the background or naked women posters on the wall. It just authenticates the whole experience a bit more for me. Like, maybe this guy truly has never been with a man before, and this is the first time he’s touching a cock that’s not his own. And obviously, he loves it!

Use this 40% off discount to Reality Dudes, to get amazing hardcore videos on a hot network of gay sex and debauchery. You never know what types of naughty fantasies you will find, but from the minds of the creators of this nasty network, you know it’s always going to be damn good!

Gay Porn That Can’t Be Matched

When I’m watching gay porn, I prefer watching manly men. The kind of guys that don’t hold back when it comes to balls deep penetration. They know how to incorporate a little pain with pleasure. Right now viewers can take advantage of this Titan Men discount for up to 75% off and have a massive library of unapologetic hardcore gay porn at their fingertips.

The guys on the roster here are masculine men with many that have tattoos and hairy chests. The action can be so intense that it borders on BDSM. You’ll find plenty of leather and intense thrusting. This is award winning content that’s sure to satisfy all your sexual cravings. Members will get to enjoy a massive library that consists of more than 3,000+ videos and over 400+ image sets. Joe Gage Men and Titan Rough will also be unlocked and ready for you to explore. Deals this massive don’t come around very often, so I suggest you act fast and tell all your friends so they don’t miss out either.

Uncut Czech Cocks Looking For Hook-Ups

I’ve seen a lot of gay porn over the years and I’ve never seen anything quite like Czech Hunter. This is a site that blows my mind every time I visit. You get such a wide variety here that no matter what mood I’m in, I always leave satisfied. Right now viewers can get up to 73% off Czech Hunter discount. You’re sure to find whatever it is that gets you going right here.

So, the premise behind this site is that two dudes drive around the streets of Prague searching for a guy they’d like to fuck. Once they pick their prey, they pull over and engage him in conversation. They finally make their wishes known and negotiate how much it would cost for him to engage in sexual acts for cash and let them film it. Now, keep in mind, these are total strangers. Some of the young men end up being straight, so it takes a little more coercing than with bisexual and gay dudes. Most of the action takes place in public places rather than seedy hotel rooms.


Gay Naked Masquerade

Are you tired of the same old boring gay porn? Right now you can take advantage of this 67% off discount to and have fun and sexy action at your fingertips. These masked men are hot as hell and have the biggest cocks I’ve ever seen. Their sex drives are through the roof and you don’t want to miss a single moment. 

There are more than 180+ sexy studs on this roster including Manuel Deboxer, Zach Lemec, Angelo Godshack, Gabriel Clark, Nathan Fox, Max Chevalier, Peter Lipnick, Devon Dexx, Nick Vargas, and Sam Cuthan. They’re all muscular and chiseled gods with gorgeous rods. There’s a nice variety of categories on display here including bareback, blowjob, ebony, femdom, fucking, handjob, interracial, interview, jerkoff, shower, threesome, toys, unmasked, and even worship. This is the kind of site you’ll want to have your favorite lube and tissues handy before you even sit down to watch. Each of the videos allows you to escape reality for a little while and delve into your deepest desires. You won’t want to miss out on this deal, though so you better act fast.

A Gay Male Porn Extravaganza

Lovers of gay porn are going to want to take advantage of this instant 40% off discount to Kristen Bjorn. This is a gay male porn extravaganza that’s worth every penny. No matter what type of guy gets your palms sweating and heart racing, you’re sure to find him right here. There’s such a wide variety when it comes to performers and action that you’ll always be satisfied no matter what you’re in the mood for. 

There are more than 700+ hot guys on the roster here and they’re all hot as hell and horny as fuck. You’ll get to watch them fuck each other, eat ass, guzzle cum and it’s all totally exclusive. Members will have more than 1,550+ movies scenes that cover categories such as muscle, condomless, Latinos, blondes, blacks, Asians, hung, interracial, tattoos, uncut, cut, threesomes, couples, double penetration, oral cum shots, orgies, outdoor sex, fuck trains, auto fellatio, blindfold, anal sex, kissing, and rimming to name a few. This is an action packed site that will leave you breathless and coming back for more.

Sexy Gay Scenes By Cole And Hunter

I love hearing stories about the amateurs in the porn industry that have risen from the ground floor all the way to the top, due to their hard work and dedication. Two such hotties are Cole and Hunter from the sizzling hot gay sector of the industry. Both started as sexy amateurs, and used more than their sex appeal to rise to the top, and are now in the art of directing as well as performing. Maverick Men is their hot site, in which they play on both sides of the camera. 

They shoot amateurs in the 20 to 30 age range, all gorgeous of course, with beautiful bodies and the cocks to match. They cover a range of hardcore content such as threesomes, interracial, POV filming, suck and fuck scenes with sexy duos, deepthroating, solo masturbation scenes and plenty more than will make your schlong explode with ecstasy. It’s everything you could want and expect from a hardcore XXX gay site. Cum see for yourself and enjoy the sexy content and gorgeous guys now, and get Maverick Men with this 58% off discount on your membership before this offer expires.


The Top Hardcore Gay Network

When it comes hardcore gay action, there’s no other network that can compare to this one. You get every kind of stud you could ever hope for and the widest variety of action. Right now you can get for 50% less with our discount. You won’t find a better deal anywhere else online that’s for sure.

Members will enjoy more than 1,730+ movies that can only be found here. Johnny Rapid, Colby Jansen, Paddy O’Brian, and Diago Sans are just a few of my favorites on the roster here. Updates are added every single day so you’ll always have something new to drool over. All of the content is available in HD so you’ll have crystal clear views of all the best shots. You can even take your action on the go with you since it’s mobile-friendly. In all, you’ll get full access to 8 sites for the price of 1. Big Dicks At School, The Gay Office, and Str8 To Gay are just a few of my favorites. They all cover different categories and niches but feature stunning guys that are chiseled to perfection.